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Re: Strange Stopwatch

The technique you describe for measuring the tension in in aerial lines is well known in telecomm circles- It was a standard method for doing that test and
Dave Brown
May 24

Re: Strange Stopwatch

Paul, I work at an electric utility, and I asked a co-worker if he had ever heard of a Sag Watch. He had not only heard of them, but he used to use one when he
James Clark
May 24

Re: Slide rule beginnings in China

Hello Jose, There is an article by Peter Hopp on this topic.You can read here if there was a slide rule before Oughtred or not:
Peter Holland
May 24

Re: Poor scale marking on a Pickett N515-T

Pickett had a proclivity for cramming numbers down onto the graduations, much to the detriment of readability. The N3 (which I don't own) seems to be the best
Paul Hirose
May 24

Re: Strange Stopwatch

Also called a Tachymeter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachymeter_(watch) ... On Tue, 5/23/17, richlinda6751@... [sliderule]
Rich Linda
May 23

Re: Strange Stopwatch

This is known as a Sag Watch and I was surprised how accurate it was even with different users. I still have one - just don't know where. ... From:
May 23

Re: Strange Stopwatch

Paul, back in the 1980s I worked for the Cullinan group in South Africa. One of the activities of the Electrical Division was erecting powerlines across
May 23

Re: Strange Stopwatch

The picture didn't come through. It could be a measured mile timer. 15 seconds is 240 mph, 30 seconds is 120 mph.
May 23

ISRM Shop link?

I was trying to get to the Souvenir shop but the link appears to be broken? Kent.
May 23

Strange Stopwatch

This isn't a slide rule, but I figure this group is my best bet. Some years ago my grandfather died. He had been a mechanic, and I found this stopwatch among
Paul Anderson
May 22

Re: The Et Ultra Washington patent

Hello Andre, H-39 (Ferrero-Washinghton) or model G (aka Et Ultra) ? For the first i have some photos taken from the book: Giovanni Pastore ANTIKYTHERA E I
Andrea Celli
May 21

Slide rule beginnings in China

I have heard that in China there might be slide rules before Napier, Gunter or Oughtred. I think somebody in a presentation long ago showed some old Chinese
May 21

Re: Poor scale marking on a Pickett N515-T

Pickett made relatively narrow slide rules and crammed in too many scales. I have recently obtained an Aristo Studio 968 and was comparing it with a Pickett
May 19

Poor scale marking on a Pickett N515-T

I have been on this list for a long time but this might be the first time that I have posted to it. Recently I have been playing around with a Pickett N515-T
May 19


Sounds like an excellent idea. ISRM is a valuable resource, that I have taken advantage of often. ________________________________ From:
Kent Berglund PhD
May 17
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