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1693I felt the hate rise up in me,kneel down to clear the stone of leaves

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  • Charles ???
    Feb 9, 2006
      Wandering through the never ending darkness,deep in the hearts of thoughs who journey what will keep their final flame burning?greedyness?hatred?or true love?When will mankind awaken  to the true sarrow of ones lost... unless one loses a precious thing...he will never know its true value....a little light scratches the darkness it lets the exhausted one face his shattered dream, and realized..that his path cannot be walked.... can a man live happliy without embracing his wounded heart? Depression...It has us all...its like a mirror of our subconscence...reflects only the bad...not the good..for  if i think of etheir one..it jus makes all the more depressed..the good is a illusion..little fables..folks tell themseleves ..for they dont go home screaming to much...hehe  im feeling weirds >.>

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