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  • Michael Bittner
    Feb 28, 2015
      You can calculate the Bandwidth (Bn) of (n) cascaded stages where each one has a bandwidth (B1) by the formula:
      Bn = B1 times the square root of ((2 to the 1/n power) minus 1).
      Mike, W6MAB
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      Hello Dave and Gary,

      Just as a thought experiment, how many low gain RF stages ahead of a regen detector would it take to provide a useful improvement in adjacent channel strong signal rejection? A kind of  I.F. strip up front, let’s say for 40m, and ignoring tracking problems for the moment.

      If we are building our own receivers, we can do most any outlandish thing we want to, right?



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      Well, at this point the best filter I have is the off switch.  Fortunately, that station is not on all the time, and most of my operation is either after midnite or before sunrise, so we don't cross paths all that often.

      Dave, we might get by with the term "Hi Performance", so long as it's understood we are in the realm of the regenerative detector, and calibrate our thinking accordingly.  For example, your regens....or that RAL....would be higher performance compared to an Ocean Hopper. Thus, if you told me your regens were high performance, I would understand that what you would mean was that they were performing at the very edge of what a regen might be capable of performing.   <grin>

      But yeah, my regen does perform well for weak signal work . . . as long as the reader understands that I am speaking of a regen operating in a most favourable environment, no other loud stations around, no noise,  yada yada....where I can dip down into threshold relatively unmolested. 

      Heh, notice I haven't said a word about noise supression?   That's a whole 'nuther story.

      -gary // wd4nka

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