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32361Re: {MPML} Again about H mag vs Tisserand parameter - the Amor case

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  • alessandro odasso
    Oct 7, 2016

      Let me summarise with my own words to see if now I have understood Alan's remarks.

      Whenever Tisserand's parameter with respect to a generic planet has T > 3, the encounter velocity U = sqrt(3-T) can not be defined because the orbits do not cross.

      In this situation, it makes little sense to search for a relation between H mag and Tisserand's parameter not because the latter is not defined but because there is no physical way for the planet to influence the asteroid.

      For example, most normal Apollo have Tisserand's parameter with respect to Jupiter Tjup > 3 : that's why is no surprise to see that H mag vs Tjup is basically independent from Tjup quartiles (the subtle difference in Q1 quartile is due to the presence of some Apollo with Tjup<3). 

      For the same reason, that's why in the case of Apollo a clear dependency between H-mag and Tp is found for ap = 1.01 AU (in this case, Apollos have all T<3 with respect to Earth, they are very much influenced by Earth and we see a difference).

      In the case of Amor: I will plot again the relation H-mag vs Tp for a generic ap excluding all cases when Tp > 3 ... and see what happens. Maybe, by doing this, the two methods (correlation and Chi-squared) will give a similar result.


      Kind Regards


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