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  • Anthony Keller
    Oct 10 5:01 PM

      Plans in the Dark by Gary Allison

      Patchwall 2, 618 CY

      A Keoland Narrative for GHR-KEO18-18, Hool Hunts Hool? by Gary Allison with Dave Guerrieri, premiering at Save Against Fear on October 12, 2018

      In a dark area deep underground, a vast cavern stretches out of sight. Wind whistles through the surrounding passages. A huge, hulking shape is partially seen, surrounded in shadows. Its deep, rumbling voice breaks the silence. “The fool Longtooth, he is dead, then? Werevermin should never be trusted!”

      A growling voice replies. “It was Longtooth who found and captured Father Bear’s minion, Great One.”

      “And it was the Rat who lost the dagger and his body!” is the shouted reply. “Do we even know if Balador’s trash is alive or dead?”

      “No, Great One. He was still living when Longtooth fell.”

      “Assemble the hunters. Send them forth. Kill the scum who aided the druid. Kill them all! And bring back that dagger!”

      “As you command, Great One. Shall we send Cancer and Plague to the Druids?”

      (A laugh that sounds like two boulders rubbing together.) “Why, yes, little one. Let them do what they do best.”

      Best Regards,
      Anthony Keller