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19946Stephen Miller Interview 📺

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  • Justin Mallone
    Feb 12
      Great interview by Trump policy guy Stephen Miller on various issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8xyAWhF9-c

      One thing that came up was Trump voter fraud claims. George Stephanopoulos pushed super hard saying Miller didn't have evidence of voter fraud.

      With libs a lot of stuff is like:

      *libs intentionally don’t collect statistics on stuff*

      *libs go “LMAO U DON’T HAVE EVIDENCE LMAO!” when u bring something up*

      *libs go “OMG WHAT A WASTE, WHAT A PERSECUTION, WHAT RACISM, WHAT EVIL” when you start to investigate stuff*

      Comes up with immigrant crime too.

      -Justin Mallone
      Twitter: @j_mallone