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  • Daniel Brown
    Feb 15


      From: fmhadocentadmn@...
      Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 7:13 PM
      To: Fortmilesha@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: FMHA Docent Program
      Subject: [FMHADP]


      All interested,

      (sorry, its long)


      I have setup a FMHA Docent Program discussion group (FMHADP) which is similar to the Yahoo group we use here.


      This Google Group is mainly a "mailing list" for the FMHA Docents to use to communicate with other docents in the FMHA docent group (one email address in your contact list to manage is better that having 30+...).


      This Group is titled as the: Fort Miles Historical Association Docent Program (FMHA Docent Program or FMHADP for short <-I made the name up to call it something).


      As this is a "mailing list" there is no need to "signup" to be included in the List (you just need to subscribe to the list, see below).  All emails sent through this group will be have the email title starting with [FMHADP].  This will allow you to recognize FMHADP emails when they arrive (just like receiving Yahoo Group emails).


      This group is mainly designed to allow members to communicate with other FMHADP members, receive calendar schedules of tours and download interruption materials related to the docent program (still in the works).


      This group is designed to support the Fort Miles Historical Association Docent Program (FMHADP) and the State Parks Docent program, with the end result being a satisfied visitor experience during tours/visits at the Fort Miles Historical Area.


      If anyone is interested in joining the FMHADP group (those who have not already subscribed) just send an email to the FMHA Docent Program Group Subscribe Email:



      Everyone who is interested in volunteering to help with a FMHA tour is encouraged to subscribe to the FMHADP group.


      FMHADP tour calendar - You can visit the FMHA Docent Program Group calendar at:



      This calendar will mainly be used to list the scheduled tours and provides a convenient place to volunteer for a tour (just click on a tour date/time, click the send email button, fill in the email info, click send).


      This calendar currently shows the Delaware State Park (DSP sponsored tour), the FMHA Open House (FMHA sponsored tour) tour schedules, and the FMHA Museum Store operating hours.  As the FMHA does not provide volunteer's for a DSP hosted tour, the DSP tour dates and times "event volunteer signup email button" may change to the "FMHA Museum Store operation volunteer signup email button" as the FMHA tours progress; as each tour event is an opportunity for the opening of the FMHA Museum Store (just volunteers are needed to operate the store).


      End note: even if you do not join the FMHADP group but wish to volunteer for an FMHA event (tour or museum store), please visit the FMHADP calendar and select a date/time you are able to help with and "click that button"...  volunteer's are what makes it happen, and it couldn't happen without them!



      Thank you for your time,


      Dan B.

      FMHA Docent Program Group.
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