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68336RE: [DPSedits] Where is everyone?

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  • Kelly Griffin
    Feb 25, 2010
      Yo Boyd (and by extension, Roberto)--
      That's about the best, fairest, insightful and helpful endorsement for IVSedits I could hope for. I think you just leaned me away from Vegas. I tend to like the underdog anyway.
      Long(er should have) live(ed) Velocity.
      --Kelly Griffin

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      Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2010 7:33 PM
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      Subject: Re: [DPSedits] Where is everyone?


      As I've mentioned earlier on this Forum, ivs Edits is a pretty good alternative for those that are Velocity-centric and would like to stay that way..

      I, myself, find Velocity to be the most intuitive editing platform around (and I own/have owned quite a few). And ivs continues in this very same tradition (GUI/innovation/ customer support).

      It's not perfect yet, but updates come once, sometimes twice a week, while they get it closer to perfection. Roberto is incredibly helpful and incredibly available (does he ever sleep?).

      Realtime HD (if you build to their spec) and all the nice  editing features that you're used to. Again, it's not complete yet (is anything?), but depending upon your editing level and how much you rely on plug-ins, etc. it's a pretty damn good, (mostly) upgraded version of VelocityHD.

      I'm satisfied with ivsEdits for the type of work that I do- which arguably isn't that sophisticated. But it gets my work done. Your mileage may vary, of course. And certainly worth trying, if you think you're going to miss the Velocity interface & style of editing.

      you're going to spend ~USD$5,500+ to reach their spec, but you'll have an incredibly kick-ass machine, even if you should decide to bail on ivs and go with something else. 


      Boyd Shermis

      On Feb 25, 2010, at 6:18 PM, Kelly Griffin wrote:


      And with the economy the way it is, I'm less inclined to do it sooner than later.
      "My little V8 just purrs lahk a CAT."
      --Kelly Griffin

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      Subject: RE: [DPSedits] Where is everyone?


      Hi Guys,
      I also have been with Velocity since early 99 and now running 2 Quattras 3D cards running perfectly. Have had no issue's at all and I believe that is because the right hardware is running with it.
      I purchased one more Q on Ebay as a backup incase one goes down. I have to say after trying FC, Toaster and Edius that it is going to be hard to find a system today that competes with the ease and flexibility of Velocity now over 11 yrs old
      I would be curious to see what the editing world would think of this product if it was just released with a company that gave us 100% support.
      Even without the company support any longer,  I see from the forum how many of us are not scared to make the move to another system, but have yet to find one as good as what we are using.
      Praise the gentleman form DPS that were so ahead of the rest NLE world manufactures!
      I would say that our only logical choice from what we are using might be IVS since it's platform derives from Velocity.
      So once again MIke, keep us posted on your success with IVS and give us some input on what you have experienced.
      Don't bail yet guys!
      Ralph Matarese
      Pro Video Production
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      Date: 2/25/2010 2:41:38 PM
      Subject: RE: [DPSedits] Where is everyone?

      Me, too.
      --Kelly Griffin

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      Mike I’d be VERY curious to see how you find IVS edits Keep us posted! THANKS

      On 2/25/10 6:26 AM, "Michael Elder" <mkldr@yahoo. com> wrote:


      I'm here in Columbus with 3 Velocity Q systems running 8.3.24 and am in no hurry to abandon these. We started with turnkey Velocity systems form the Cincinnati factory in 1999 and have never regretted it.
      However, we are giving IVS a trail run and if all goes well, we will build new systems around IVS and use the Velocities as back-up. Working in the heath care industry with tight budgets, we have no need at the moment to start cranking out HD material, so we have time to make a smooth transition. I have to credit this group for helping to acquaint us with IVS.
      ~Mike Elder~         


      Don Watt
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      Mobile (707) 972-5280


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