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61Thomas Carpenter b. abt 1725/1730 Nottingham, Eng - abt 1790/1795 d. East Pennsboro, Lycoming, PA - 2

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  • John R Carpenter
    May 18 10:00 AM
      I was reminded and asked to post the following that is also regarding Thomas Carpenter-124328 - b. abt 1725/1730 Nottingham, Eng - abt 1790/1795 d. East Pennsboro, Lycoming, PA.
      John R. Carpenter
      La Mesa, CA USA
      Carpenter Cousins Project
              On 5/15/2015 8:28 PM, John R Carpenter wrote:    ...
      I went through some microfilm at the local FHC and came across a handwritten note that looked like Nottingham but upon closer examination was Horningsham.  That got me thinking that the line that claims Nottingham for their Group 15 ancestors may have got it wrong.
      The Nottingham verses Horningsham is due to hard to read handwriting where the H looked more like an reversed N because of a slanted crossbar. Add in a stray mark over the rn (looks closer to a m) and I can see how they got tt. The ending is clearly sham even though the s is tight between the g and h.

      The hand written note caught caught my notice because it had James and Thomas Carpenter on it. The entry is out of place within the other material and appears hurried as if they were copying from something else.  It also helps that this was found within Horningsham related material and not Nottingham stuff!
      I have had a chance to go through all the related sections and I could not find directly where it was related to. I assume it was some ones research notes. Many of these records are parish birth/Christening (1576-1849) and marriage records related to Horningsham and the surrounding parish. Warminister is about 5 miles from Horningsham. 
      The Thomas Carpenter-177199 mentioned had the Christening/Baptism (chr.) date of 7 Jul 1713 Horningsham, Wiltshire, England and his parents were John & Elizabeth Carpenter. Thomas married a Mary (no date given) and had Thomas, John, Richard, James, Mary, Anne and another Thomas with years from 1736 to 1749 with most children chr. St. Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire, England.  The James has chr 10 Jan 1742.
      This roughly matches the Thomas Carpenter-124328 b. abt 1725/1730 Nottingham and his son, James b. abt 1750/1760 Nottingham with both winding up in Lycoming County, PA.
      It is important to know ...
      NOTE:  Lycoming County was formed in 1795 from Northumberland County.
      Northumberland County was formed in 1772 from Lancaster, Berks and Cumberland Counties.
      Lancaster was formed in 1729 from Chester County.
      Berks was formed in 1752 from Bucks, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties.
      Cumberland was formed in 1750 from Lancaster County.
      I am assuming that Thomas with his family came to Pennsylvania some time after 1750 and before say 1770?  The common entry would have been Philadelphia. And there are many Thomas Carpenters coming into that port during those years.
      If there was indeed at least two Thomas Carpenters who came to PA during this time period this would make more sense to me. Especially if they were first cousins. The Y-DNA would be virtually the same.
                     William C-148101 b. abt 1645/1655 England d. 5 Sep 1695 Horningsham
                                     |                                                                |
      William C-148100 chr. 1690 wife Angel Waite               John C-166132 b.abt 1675 Wife Elizabeth
      Thomas C-177105 chr. 1712 wife Frances                   Thomas C-177199 chr. 1713 Wife Mary
      Thomas C-177105 had children: Richard, Thomas (has a Joseph), Mary, Mary, Sarah.
      Thomas C-177199 had children: Thomas, John, Richard, James, Mary, Anne and another Thomas.
      Thomas C-124328 had children: James, Samuel, Joseph and John. And claims Nottingham.
      Add in a Stephen C-177110 (ancestry not known) who married Mary C-177108 (daughter of William C-148100) and they had Stephen, Luce, George, Edward, Samuel, Jonas and Sarah.
      In this Horningsham line, I find the forename James and Samuel rare (one time use) before the 1800s. John, William then Thomas, in that order, are the most common. This based on what I have seen so far. Attached is a real rough draft I have compiled on the main part of group 15.
      My guess is that there was at least two related Thomas Carpenters and likely other male cousins coming to PA in the 1750 to 1700ish range.